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Are your trees getting the attention they deserve? Like all of the other living things in your yard, trees need regular care and maintenance to thrive. A certified arborist knows the best ways to trim, prune and shape trees to help them grow. Contact Arbor Care Tree Surgeons today for a free estimate on tree services. We also diagnose and treat common tree diseases.

Whether you need us to remove a dangerous tree or trim overgrown branches, you can count on Arbor Care Tree Surgeons for expert tree services. We're based in Chelsea, MI and serve the surrounding area, including Ann Arbor & Dexter, MI. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

We offer all of the professional tree services you need

Call Arbor Care Tree Surgeons when you need a certified arborist to take great care of your trees. We provide a wide range of professional tree services to the Chelsea, Dexter & Ann Arbor, MI area, including:

We use professional-grade equipment to trim and remove trees from your property safely. Our crew has years of training and experience.

Call Arbor Care Tree Surgeons now to schedule an appointment. We offer free estimates for all of our tree services.

Why Arbor Care Tree Surgeons?

Here are three reasons to make Arbor Care Tree Surgeons your top choice for an arborist in the Chelsea, Dexter or Ann Arbor, MI area:

  1. We don't just remove trees, we make it a goal to preserve trees any way we can. That's why we offer tree diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Our lead certified arborist can identify common tree diseases, and he knows how to prune trees to prolong their life spans.
  3. We're a certified commercial pest deterrent applicator, which means we can remove harmful pests from your trees.

Don't let just anyone handle your trees-put your trust in a qualified arborist. Call Arbor Care Tree Surgeons today to get a free estimate on tree trimming, tree removal or stump grinding in or around Ann Arbor, including Chelsea & Dexter, MI.