We'll Take a Closer Look at Your Trees

We'll Take a Closer Look at Your Trees

We specialize in tree diagnosis and treatment in Chelsea & Ann Arbor, MI

If you notice signs that your tree isn't healthy, call Arbor Care Tree Surgeons right away. We specialize in tree diagnosis and treatment in Chelsea, MI and throughout all of Ann Arbor. We'll treat your trees, so you don't have to spend money on tree removal. We treat all of the common tree diseases, including apple scab.

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Trust us to diagnose and treat the issue quickly

You can trust Arbor Care Tree Surgeons for effective tree treatment in Chelsea, MI or the surrounding areas throughout Ann Arbor. There are many diseases and issues that can affect your trees during different seasons. We offer a variety of treatments to keep your trees healthy year-round, such as:

  • Deep root fertilization
    We will fertilize tree roots in the spring and fall to encourage healthy growth. Since tree roots are deep down in the ground, the fertilizer also needs to be put deeper in to the soil.
  • Fungal spray
    We can fight fungal tree diseases with routine fungal spray applications during the summer.
  • Insect control
    We will spray insecticides and apply dormant oil to protect the trees from insects. Supplying effective, long-term protection against insect pests will protect your home and business.

Our lead certified arborist has the training to identify any issues with your trees and treat them effectively. Contact Arbor Care Tree Surgeons today to schedule an appointment for tree diagnosis and treatment in the Ann Arbor, MI area.